Safety Is Precious, Not Expensive

playground safety Australia

Playgrounds are fantastic creative elements for children’s growth and education. But, like with any form of play area intended for kid use, it is essential to guarantee the security of all players by foreseeing and controlling the risk from the design and planning phases onward.

The Australian Safety Regulations for Playgrounds come into play in this situation. These rules were created as a manual for playground design, installation, upkeep, and use. The objective is to increase playground safety Australia and decrease the hazards that come with using them. Any business involved in the planning, constructing, building, operating, and maintaining of a playground should consult the Australian Standards for Playgrounds.

Norms for playground safety

Researchers reveal that falls account for the majority of playground injuries. The research additionally revealed that playground accidents account for 8.3% of pediatric hospital admissions.

These studies have altered the design, material choice, and structural makeup of playground equipment, making it essential to regularly update playground safety regulations.

New regulations have been adopted to guarantee playground safety Australia. The standards have been modified to account for Australian seasonal changes, which can have a big impact on playground equipment’s safety and durability. materials, in particular with regard to deterioration brought by warmth, moisture, reaction to sea spray, and Ultraviolet.

By providing sufficient information and current, thorough advice to producers, vendors, builders, and managers of schools and play places, these stakeholders may continue to be attentive to safety demands.

Avoiding costly and even disastrous lawsuits due to playground tragedies caused by hazardous park design, chemicals, and equipment is another benefit of maintaining standards compliance.

Inspections’ objectives

You must have your playground assessed for two reasons. The primary motive is to maintain the safety of your playground. An accident on your property is something you never want to happen; it is harmful to those who are hurt and it is horrible for you and your company. The main reason is to defend your business from claims that can arise if your product is subpar. Trained playground inspectors can assess your playground for hazards, such as environmental harm, that you might not otherwise notice.

Be accountable

A thorough audit, frequent inspections, periodic maintenance, and accurate record-keeping are all part of responsible playground care. Our licensed playground inspectors have received extensive training in all facets of playground inspection.

Is your play area secure?

A playground’s age or warranty status cannot be used to assume that it is in compliance. The easiest way for you to confirm that an installation has just been completed appropriately is to have it inspected by a professional playground inspector. An analysis and compliance certificate from an impartial third party is much more valuable in a court of law than the installer’s “looks good to me” declaration, presuming the installer is still in business. Regular inspections by an impartial third party give you, the owner-operator, a layer of insulation from lawsuits.